This is not a tap list. We want to show you what types of mead we’re making, and what you can expect from us in the future.


Name Special Qualities Sweetness ABV
Is It Mead You’re Looking For? Black currant, blackberries, raspberries, & cherries Sweet 13%
Crackberry Blackberries, cranberries, & cherries Moderate 13%
Apple Staxx Apple cider, maple syrup, & cinnamon Moderate 12%
Blueberry Staxx Blueberries, maple syrup, & cinnamon Moderate 13%
Chicago Standard Farmhouse yeast Dry 4%
Citra Dry-hopped Chicago Standard Farmhouse yeast & hops Dry 4%
Wet-hopped Chicago Standard Farmhouse yeast & home-grown Centennial hops straight from the bine Dry 4%
Brett Chicago Standard Farmhouse & Brettanomyces yeast Dry 4%
Blackberry Mocha Blackberries, cacao nibs, & a blend of coffees Sweet 11%
Fiasco Cherries, Tabal bourbon-barrel aged cacao nibs, & cinnamon Sweet 13%
Anomaly Peach & ginger Sweet 13%
Pineapple Anomaly Pineapple, peach, & ginger Sweet 13%
Tropical Anomaly Pineapple, peach, mango, passionfruit, & ginger Sweet 13%
PK Fire Mango & passionfruit Sweet 13%
Mr. Meadseeks Black currant & vanilla Sweet 13%
Level of Consciousness Raspberry, cherry, & vanilla Sweet 13%
Wake Up! Bourbon Barrel Aged traditional with coffee Sweet 11%
Blueberry Lavender Blueberry & Lavender Moderate 13%
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